The "Calendwheel" functions as a calendar with the motion of a clock. Hence, the name implying the hybrid. This was made for a project assigned in class under the name 'ARTIFACT'. The prompt was to reflect on the question, “what kind of designer am I outside the commercial context?”

Calendwheel reflects my interest in experimenting and challenging the mundane objects around us.

Experimental Product Design 


"Calendwheel" was made of acrylics cut with the laser cut machine.

Sketches of thinking process: figuring out an ideal way to fit all the dates in a circular motion. 

1. Start every month with the inner triangle over 1
2. Adjust the Monday-Sunday wheel to the aligned date
3. For a new week, turn clockwise once

*Once the month completes or if the month ends before 29,30,31, turn it counter-clockwise back to inner triangle over


An IKEA inspired manual designed to go along with this product. This manual provides instructions to anyone who's interested in assembling a Calendwheel of their own and the steps to using it.


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